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At Nansloe Academy, we recognise that every child is different and has their own individual needs.  We also recognise that these needs may change over time and that children may require additional support to help them reach their full potential.  This support may be needed in the short term, or may need sustaining over a longer period.


Examples of support we offer may include:

  • Reading, writing or maths interventions

  • Social, emotional or behaviour support (Thrive)

  • Vision, speech and language, hearing or mobility support


SEN Staff

Picture 1 Mrs Swiggs (SENCO & Licensed Thrive Practitioner)
Picture 2 Mrs Madge (Learning Mentor & Autism Champion)
Picture 3 Miss Thompson (HLTA & Dyslexia Champion)
Picture 4 Mrs Buckmaster (Speech and Language TA)
Picture 5 Mrs Simpson (Thrive Support HLTA)

Mrs Swiggs, our Special Educational Needs Coordinator, also delivers interventions to target groups, usually based around English and Maths.  She is also a licensed Thrive practitioner, having completed her training in Spring 2016.  Mrs Swiggs has completed the National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordination. 


Mrs Madge is our Autism Champion and Learning Mentor.  She offers support to children with ASD and their parents. She has attended lots of ASD training and has lots of years of experience in this area.  Her Learning Mentor role is very varied, she delivers a range of learning interventions as well as social and emotional support to individuals on a 1:1 basis. 


Miss Thompson is a HLTA and delivers interventions during the afternoons.  She has had lots of training in specific interventions, particularly linked to Maths and Phonics.  She usually works with small groups of children and occasionally supports children 1:1 as well.


Mrs Buckmaster is our Speech and Language Teaching Assistant and she provides 1:1 and group intervention depending on children’s needs and their targets.  She works closely with our Speech and Language Therapist and has many years of experience.


Mrs Simpson has recently begun working with our Thrive children in our newly established Thrive room.  Mrs Simpson works under the guidance of Mrs Swiggs (our licensed Thrive practitioner) to deliver social and emotional support to groups and individuals who need additional support.  These sessions are play based and very popular amongst the children at Nansloe.  You can find out more about Thrive by visiting our dedicated Thrive page: or by visiting the official Thrive website:



Plan Do Review


We follow the 'Plan Do Review' cycle at Nansloe, as outlined in the SEN Code of Practice.  All children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities have individual targets, recorded on a class provision map.  Parents and pupils (where appropriate) are invited to termly meetings to review their progress against these targets and will be involved with setting new targets for the term ahead.  Every pupil with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities also has a one page profile, a chance for them to share their feelings and to provide a summary for all staff working with them of their individual needs.


Parents are welcome to make an appointment via the school office to meet with the class teacher or SENCO at any time, to discuss progress or any questions or concerns that may arise.  Please contact us on 01326 572966.


Policies and SEN Information Report

Our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy, our SEN Information Report and our Equality Policy can be found on our 'Policies' page, please click on the link below to view these.

Further information about services available to children with SEN and their families can be found on the Cornwall Family Information Service website, please see the link below.  There is also a direct link to Cornwall's Local Offer, where you can find out exactly what services are available in Cornwall.