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Swimming Gala- November 2016

The Nansloe swimmers gave 100% in this year's Helston Swimming Gala, resulting in both teams placing higher than they did last year. The Year 3/4 team finished 3rd and the 5/6 team 4th.

Nansloe had 13 top 3 finishers in individual and team races. The full results can be found below.

Swimming Gala - 20th November 2015

Congratulations to everyone who took part and represented Nansloe at the inter-school Swimming Gala; each child that raced earned points for Nansloe.


Josh placed 2nd in the Y5 backstroke and butterfly;

Scarlett placed 2nd in the Y5 girls backstroke;

Ollie placed 2nd in the Y6 backstroke;

Evie placed 1st in the Y3 girls backstroke;

The Year 3 relay came 2nd and the Year 4 relay came 3rd.

Overall our Y3/Y4 team finished 6th and our Y5/Y6 team finished 5th.

Special thanks to Mrs Field for helping poolside.