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Year 5

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Year 5 Team

Year 5 Team 1 Mr Rapson, Class Teacher
Year 5 Team 2 Miss Thompson, Teaching Assistant
Year 5 were set the challenge to build bridges using only newspaper and tape. They were judged on the physical attributes of their bridge, alongside how they worked as a team and their ability to reflect and make changes. 

Bridge Building

Bridge Building  1 How could we make it stronger?
Bridge Building  2 Testing the stability
Bridge Building  3 Will the bridge take the weight?
Bridge Building  4 Team 1's Bridge
Bridge Building  5 Team 3's Bridge
Bridge Building  6 Team 2's Bridge
Bridge Building  7 Reflecting with Mrs Webb
Bridge Building  8 Ensuring the poles are exact
Bridge Building  9 Sharing the workload
Bridge Building  10 Working as a team
Bridge Building  11 The bridge... so far

Topic Overview - Spring Term 2018

Topic Overview - Autumn Term 2017

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