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Mrs Webb's Home Learning Challenges

Home Learning Challenges


We know how much everyone at Nansloe loves a challenge, so here are a few to keep you busy over the next few weeks.  Keep a record of what you do with lots of photographs.  Perhaps you could make a PowerPoint presentation or write a diary of your activities.   


You can email photos to be added to this gallery. 

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 Have fun! Mrs Webb. 

What a brilliant monster picture!
A lovely Easter picture
Brilliant colouring
Nansloe forever!  I love this.
A pixie garden from materials collected on a walk.
Careful working.
Two Elmer the Elephants!
A spot of Easter baking.
Year 1
A happy smile!
Counting 1,2,3,4...
Hula Hula!
Making Easter crafts.
Measuring outside.
Painting in the garden.
Playing the cornet.
Practising phonics.
Writing with chalk.
Year 2
Making shortbread.
Ready for the oven.
It looks delicious!
I hope you get a reply!
Year 3
Enjoying a book in the sunshine
Practising reading everyday
Staying active with Joe Wicks
Daily workout
Taking their daily exercise very seriously!
Football practice in the garden
Keep calm and do yoga in the sunshine
Family bike ride
Making healthy vegetable soup for lunch
Helping to cook the dinner
You're making me hungry!
I bet they didn't last long.
Learning to tell the time
Keeping in touch with grandparents
This fortress is certainly well defended!
Careful crafting.
Two brilliant Elmer the Elephants.
Year 4
Year 5
Wow, Year 5!  This baking looks delicious.  Mr Rapson will be licking his lips.  Brilliant lego building and lots of keep fit too. Well done, everyone. Mrs Webb 
Make something with Lego
Lego challenges!
Getting physical with Go Noodle
Easter treats
Stretching - an important part of exercise
Preparing for a run
Home baking
Home baking
Jamaican patties
Banana muffins
Year 6