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This is the place to find out what all your Nansloe friends have been up to.  Keep and eye on this page to see whose photos have been uploaded. Mrs Webb   

Nursery Home Learning 
Gabriella has been practising her numbers.
What a great job she's doing!
Enjoying crafting.
Adding a spot of glue.
A tiger sock puppet.  Grrr!
Very careful picture making.
Wearing your Nansloe jumper - with a big smile!
Super reading!

Reception Home Learning

Wake and shake.
Wake and shake.
Keeping fit.
Doing the Chicken dance
Copying the moves
Playing badminton outside.
Fun on scooters and bikes..
Flying a kite
Playing football.
Walking the dog at the beach.
Relaxing in the hot tub!
A walk in the woods.
Brilliant bike riding.
Enjoying the hot tub!
Intrepid explorer!
A walk to the church.
Numicon counting.
Making number collections.
Playing number games.
Finding odd numbers.
Playing Maths games.
Ordering numbers.
Number formation practice.
Number ordering success!.
Playing number games
Creating addition sums.
Practising counting and ordering.
How many passengers?
Ladybird counting
How many pegs on the ladybirds?
It's all about the numbers!
Careful number formation.
Addition sums.
Counting cubes.
Learning on the computer.
Number recognition.
Practising numbers
Matching objects to numbers
Partitioning numbers.
Recognising, counting and writing numbers
One more, one less.
Adding machine
Addition sums
Missing numbers to 100!
Working out the order
Number order success!
Completing number problems
Missing number games
Writing number sentences
Learning the shape song
Collecting shapes
Tap a shape picture
Exploring 2D and 3D shapes
Sorting shapes
Shapes in space!
Learning about 2D Shapes
Searching for shapes outside
A shape checklist
Circles in the daisies
Investigating 3D shapes
Creating with 3D shapes. What will it be?
A fantastic cardboard box guitar.
Leo's shape hunt, he found lots of shapes
including a star.
Does it slide or roll?
A 3D shape den
Identifying shapes
Exploring properties of 3D shapes.
Shape dinosaur game
Shape bracelet
Measuring the height of the chair
...and the width!
Now the box
Recording her measurements
Measuring using feet
Ordering for size
5cm tall!
Measuring sunflowers
Exploring measurements
Non-standard measuring
Measuring and recording
Shortest to longest
Ordering for size
Objects longer than  Henry's foot
Learning about money
Labels for a shop.
Sorting coins
Coin rubbings
Coin recognition
Learning about money
Identifying coins
Going shopping
Home made toy shop
Making different amounts
Adding money
Understanding value
Playing shops
Getting to grips with coin recognition
Learning the coins.
Serving the customers.
How much in my piggy bank?
Creating and continuing patterns
Copying patterns
Symmetrical butterflies
Peg patterns
Symmetrical Duplo patterns
Odd and even numbers
Months of the year
Ordering the months of the year
Exploring symmetry
Pasta patterns
Matching symmetrical patterns
Butterfly symmetry
Copying symmetrical patterns
Careful patterns
Lots of patterns from all around.
Copying and extending patterns
Perfect pencil control
Finding patterns outdoors
The results-perfect patterns!
Reading together.
Reading online comics
Using story stones to make up stories
Word building with the monster phoneme frame.
Reading and matching words and pictures.
Learning tricky words
Making and reading ai words.
Sorting for sounds
Practising blending
Reading a recipe and following instructions
Reading cvc words
Car park reading
Reading or words
Digraph and trigraph sorting
Reading ar words
Reading and rubbing words
Playing phoneme pop
Identifying digraphs
Writing or words
Dinosaur tricky word reading!
Fantastic reading to find the eggs!
Reading and responding
Exploring er words
Reading comprehension
Reading yes/no questions
Practicing her reading
Reading for information
Brilliant reading
Defeating the tricky tricksters!
Learning ur!
Practicing writing
Creating ee words.
Letter formation practice
Practising to improve
Learning ow!
Letter formation.
Magnetic writing
Practising letters.
Writing cvc words.
Initial sounds
Writing words
Writing ee words
Writing or words
Practising ar words
Practising captions
Making or words
Completing the oi words
'air' writing
Ladder letters
A message for my teacher!
Concentrating on her letter formation
A cheeky sentence!
Thinking of an ee sentence.
Amazing writing!
Working hard on his writing.
Easter greetings
A message to all of the teachers and TA's.
Caitlin has been writing about the war.
Sam's hand washing reminder.
Henry wrote a thank you note for a friend.
Writing ar words
Ordering, reading and writing a recipe
Writing a letter to friends
Oi dog!
Sam's or story
Mia's fantastic story using or words.
Page one
Page two
Page Three. Brilliant! Well done Mia!
An ur word ladder.
Writing cvc words
Hen life cycle writing
Finlay's unicorn writing.
Crazy hair
Crazy hair
Writing a super sentence
Writing oi sentences
Fabulous Flora Day writing.
Plan, do, review time.
Henry's puppets.
A bunny and his bunny!
A car for the bunny!
Mia's chick picture.
Mia's drawings.
Busy doing collage
Making a bird house.
Isabella's unicorn.
Sam's amazing space rocket
Henry even made some mice and cheese!
Duplo park.
Building with balloons!
A teddy bear's picnic.
Colour mixing to make purple
Lots of different purples!
Air experiment
Careful art work
Toilet art!
Jigsaw game
My bunny rabbit
Making a jet
Unicorn puppet craft
Fun experiments!
Careful concentration
Fabulous model making
Ice experiments
Working with Daddy, What will it be?
The finished dolls house!
Human life cycle
Human lifecycles
My own life cycle
Some of us are losing teeth!
Frog life cycle
Chick life cycle
Hen life cycle
Sunflower Diary
Planting seeds outside.
Watering the seeds.
Planting seeds inside
Growing plants
Taking photos of flowers
Turtle life cycle
Butterfly life cycle
Learning about butterflies
Inside the chrysalis
Carefully handling the butterflies
Ready for take off!
Two beautiful butterflies
Henry's butterflies ready for release!
Smiley face pizza
A family effort
Nansloe in gingerbread!
Making cookies.
Making cakes.
Cooking together.
Making jelly.
Easter cooking
Making cakes
Isabella's delicious looking cake!
Yummy flapjacks
Pancake day
Making Easter nests for a neighbour
Easter egg hunt
Easter buns
An innovative key worker thank you message
A thank you message for the key workers
Rainbows in Henry's window.
Special messages for family
Helping around the house.
Washing the car.
Washing up
Helping Mummy with the new baby.
A new baby sister!
A special visitor
Taking care of a new friend!
A letter to Grandparents
Washing up
Rainbow shed art.
St George and the Dragon. Happy St George's Day!
A clever knight puppet.
St George's flag- The flag of England
St George!
Brilliant dragon drawing.
Year  1 Home Learning 
Measuring outside
Hula hula!
Leaf crown
Plant Cycle
Four Seasons
Counting 1,2,3,4. . .
Beautiful plants
Planting seeds
Making a daisy chain
An artist at work!
Fantastic building
A happy smile!
Painting in the garden
Practising phonics
Writing with chalk
A scientist at work!
Busy gardeners
High Five!
A proud learner
 Sequencing from seed to fruit
Learning outdoors
 Do I like butter?
Outdoor art
A tree of four seasons
An amazing bug hotel
A home for a hedgehog
Plants That We Eat
Plant facts
Practising  spellings
Practising writing numbers
Great cutting skills
A happy builder
Sharing in maths
Life cycle of an apple
Apple Trees
Parts of an apple
Brilliant writing  about the butterfly cycle
Super sentences
Comprehension answers
Number 7
 A selection of  activities.
Facts about a caterpillar !
My magical plant is a giant tree.
The amazing outdoors !
The Enormous Turnip comprehension answers.
Brilliant building!
Relaxing in the sun after working hard!
Spellings on the fridge
Life cycle of a butterfly
Lots of learning !
Sewing in the garden.
Strawberries and chives
VE Day celebrations in town
Having fun ouside!
outdoor learning
A yummy cake!
The life cycle of an apple.
A nature bag.
Bee crafts
Healthy Food Choices
Nature collage
A  successful gardener!
A fun science experiment!
Discovering symmetry.
A bee with a flower !
Sorting food groups.
Discovering treasures of the beach!
A little help from Benji the bunny with maths!
A Dinosaur miniature garden.
Learning  about 3-D shapes
Butterfly facts.
A beautiful butterfly.
An amazing mask!
A super creation!
A great miniature garden.
Smiling faces!
Beginning to measure,
A lovely act of kindness, thank-you!
A miniature garden at night time. Well done!
Can you spot the   dinosaurs?
Bees close up!
Lots of learning .
 A poster about  a dinosaur.
Busy painting the bug house!
A completed bug house.
Busy learning lots of  new things.

Year 2 Home Learning

my wordsearch
we found a baby seagull
seagull in transit
I made an ice cream
maths magician
completed postcard
wild woods
Pentecost activity
family beach trip
social distanced beach fun
home grwon veggies
 I found a fish
haircut time
what makes you happy or sad
postcards from the seaside
uplevelling sentences
my sports poster
medal winning
puppy petting-hello I'm new to Y2
Wow! 7 x table
Neat Maths work
Thumbs up
Making a garden
camp fire on the beach
I made a boat
floating challenge
Running to keep fit
I made a bug house
Enjoying the time lapse video
New lockdown haircut
Maths fun
Looking after your horse
Do you like butter?
Great story character
Charity hair donation
Shortbread favourites
More baking
Making a chair
Sunny Gardening day
New family member
Making a Go-Kart
Fairy Garden
Facts about Giraffes
Hard worker
Can I get a lift Mum

Year 3 Home Learning

Practical maths - making cupcakes
Setting up a home cafe with price labels
The tastiest way to learn about shape!
Labelled shape biscuits
That proud feeling of success!
Life skills - helping out around the house
PJs - the comfiest outfit for maths learning
Getting crafty - Amy's 3D fairy
Beautiful cards to keep everyone smiling
Proud big sister!
Working hard on his news report
Smart maths success!
Reading Hall of Fame mock ceremony
Planting seeds to attract bees and butterflies
Dig, dig, digging
Getting absorbed in her home learning
Teddy bears' picnic in the garden
Becoming a geography expert
Investigating light
Walks with family
Enjoying nature
Baking the most beautiful cake to celebrate spring
Easter baking
Mmmm chocolate!
Let's go fly a kite...
Planting seeds
Nerf gun fun!
Getting wet
Patio art
Life skills - getting organised!
Taking over Daddy's home office
Olivia discovered a fox skeleton in her garden
She used a toothbrush to clean the bones
Then she found out the names of the bones
Learning to pogo
Making a heart mobile of the friends she misses
Homemade snow!
Making playdoh people to inspire her writing
Amazing! Making face visors using a 3D printer
Ready to be donated to local care homes - wow!
Creating artwork using recycled materials
The finished masterpiece - Elmer the Elephant
Looking happy hard at work
Ready for a volcanic eruption
Goggles on - what's going to happen?
Brilliant writing and diagram about volcanoes
Enjoying thinking of others.
Messy fun making Easter cards
Looking very strong on the pull up bar!
Seeing friends from a safe distance
Enjoying the spelling fortune-teller activity
Making a mural in the sunshine
Lockdown won't stop her from enjoying her birthday
Emelia's rainforest title page
Camping out
Rainforest explorer
Amazing collage showing layers of the rainforest
Science experiment
Working hard on her story map
George's new pet caterpillars
Getting stuck into geography learning
Wonderful poster showing rainforest layers
Yum yum!
Toasting marshmallows on a homemade 'campfire'
Epic builds - Harry Potter Lego castle
They look delicious!
Getting stuck in making meatballs
Concentrating hard on her artwork
These rock!
Parks closed? Time to improvise!
A walk in the woods
Enjoying the new rainforest topic
Leo imagined a visit to the rainforest

Year 4 Home Learning

Planting seeds while the sun is shining
Building a den
Group study session
Home cooking
Liam's pudding
Busy in the garden
Liam's baking
Easter egg colouring
Topic research
Games in the garden
Construction project
Art work
Study time
Ocean's pizzas
Now for the topping...

Year 5 Home Learning

Learning together.
Your own office!
Super organised
Working together
Focused learning
Improving your French
Getting creative
Smart Maths
Carrying out research
Rock painting
Art work
Teaching the dog new tricks
Marble maze
Indoor camping
Playing the keyboard
Good growing conditions
Planting seeds
Adding compost
Creating a planter
Watering seeds
Planting seeds
Dissecting a flower
Dress making
Collecting the recycling...
...then reusing plastic bottles to make ... amazing water-moving invention.  Brilliant!
Keeping active makes you smile!
Very careful portrait drawing.
Being creative with the science challenge
The finished product
Decimals on the drive
Great weather for a BBQ
PE with Joe
Tracking Smart Maths
A good use of materials
Preparing lunch for mum!
Bethany's report
Danny's mammal
Georgia's flower
Poppy's report
Aria's Life cycle
Aria's assistant
Dissecting Flowers
Flower creation
Seed dispersal
Harry's flower
Dissecting flowers
Working scientifically
Isabelle's flower
Pollination in action
Rock pooling
A visit to the beach
Vegetables are growing
Krystal's pasty
Enjoying work
Butterfly cafe
Gingerbread cookies
Gingerbread cookies
Testing out a boat
Building a rock tower
Harry's tuna
Harry's tuna
Reilly's black tip reef shark

Year 6 Home Learning

Cooking for the family - yum!
A bit of gardening.
Walking the dog.
Caring for pets.
3D printing face visors for care homes!
Helping the community - brilliant work!
Tactical moves!
Hundreds and thousands!
Yummy cookies.
Quiet colouring.
Fun and games.
More yummy baking!
The end product!
It's nearly done!
Creating  a rainbow.
A brilliant model.
Amazing work.
Jayden's hard at work.
Building a den.
Time for a workout.
Jayden's creation - brilliant!
The best way to learn is to teach someone else!
Finding resources!
What is it going to be?
Getting creative.
Is it a bird? No, it's a plane!
It's a Spitfire! Fantastic project work.
Busy in the kitchen.
Yummy pizza.
Having fun outside.
Brilliant homemade foam machines.
What a clever idea!