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Friday 27th November 2020

Good morning fantastic year 3,


It’s Friday, hooray! After you’ve done some normal learning today, make sure you do something especially fun for golden time.


I continue to be impressed by the variety and creativity of the things you’re doing at home. I saw some beautiful arc-en-ciels yesterday along with some excellent column addition and subtraction. Well done everyone.


Mrs Madge and I are very excited to be seeing you all on Monday. As I mentioned earlier in the week, we’ll be spending Monday morning making Christmas decorations and learning about the Christmas story in the afternoon. If you’d like to share some of your wonderful home learning from this week, then please do bring that in as well.


Have a lovely Friday and weekend,

Miss Gunter 😊


Thursday 26th November 2020

Bonjour superbe year trois,


Today is French and Monsieur Perry is going to be teaching us all about colours when we get back. Let’s get a head start … here’s a video from the fantastic Mr Innes about the colours of the ‘arc-en-ciel’: After you’ve watched it, you could draw, colour or paint a rainbow of your own.


Thank you for keeping me up to date with your excellent home learning. Yesterday, I was treated with some super column addition and subtraction (all that practice is really paying off), another explosive volcano shape poem and some intriguing stories-in-progress.


You’re all doing brilliantly.


Au revoir,

Miss Gunter 😊



Wednesday 25th November 2020

Good morning fantastic year 3,


I had a wonderful day yesterday looking at your photographs and examples of work. There’s been some excellent reading comprehension, a back garden fossil hunt, an explosive volcano shape poem and a dramatic story set a volcano erupts with icing sugar among other. Amazing! You can reach me here: 


Today is P.E. so have a look at these options which will keep you active and happy.  


Yoga : I know you all enjoyed yoga with Miss Farnell last year. Adrienne, along with her dog Benji, are the yoga teachers of this video and she does lots of other sessions too.


Fitness: It’s Joe Wicks time 😊. Here’s a spiderman fitness workout but, of course, he has plenty of other videos too.


Dance: You could learn a dance routine for your favourite song, or even make up your own. But here’s a minions dance class if you’d like somewhere to start.


Have fun,

Miss Gunter 😊



Tuesday 24th November 2020

Good morning amazing year 3,


I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. I really enjoyed seeing some photographs of your exciting learning and projects-in-progress.  Do send pictures, comments and questions to me at


Last week, we started the final chapter of The Firework Maker’s Daughter by Philip Pullman. What a cliff-hanger we left on … Lila had rushed back from Razvani’s grotto to plead with the King to let her father live. The King decided that Lila and Lalchand should take part in a great firework’s competition. If they win, Lalchand would be allowed to live. Here’s a fantastic story teller reading the first part of Chapter Seven: Exciting.


Miss Gunter 😊


Monday 23rd November 2020

Good morning wonderful Year 3,


What an exciting (and unusual) week. While we’re all at home, Mrs Madge and I are organising everything Christmas so when we get back there’ll be plenty of glittery making and creating.


In the meantime, have a go at some of the things below. I’ve uploaded some bits and pieces for you to spread through the week at your own schedule. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and let your imaginations run wild (just like your topic projects).


Do carry on with your normal reading and Times Tables Rock Stars. Any book you have at home which you’d like to read can be recorded in your reading record. I look forward to seeing the results of some TTRS battles - we had a fantastic TTRS National Competition the week before last. Keep hold of your spellings (or find them below) and we’ll test these on December 5th instead.


If you have any questions (or forgotten TTRS passwords) please do email me at Also, I’d love to see any exciting writing, maths, reading, topic or indeed anything else you’ve been doing.


Have a lovely day and I will post a morning message tomorrow,


Miss Gunter 😊



I’ve created a Literacy Lottery of six different activities to choose from – I’d like you to have a go at three. This is the link to the video:


Guided Reading

There are two reading comprehensions here (with the answers!).



There are three lessons here to try – have a quick look at the 1_ Maths Guidance document where I give a few more instructions. The videos for White Rose’s Week 7 can be found here: 



If you can, spend some extra time on your Rocks, Relics and Rumbles project. I can't wait to see them!