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Message from Mrs Goldsmith and Miss Pollard


4th December 2020


Good morning Year 1. We hope you are well. We have been busy getting ready for Christmas. Can you write a Christmas list, using your phonics skills to spell independently. Remember to write your list with each item on a new line.


Have a good weekend and take care


Miss Pollard






Today we are learning the digraph ue (long oo sound). A digraph consists of two letters which make one sound.


Blending to read

Can you identify the ue sound in the following words? Blend the sounds to read the words.

clue, glue, flue


Buried Treasure is a game on the Phonics Play website where you can practise blending to read words. Look for ue on the Phase 5 tab.


Segmenting to spell

Ask an adult to read the following words to you. Segment (hear and say) the sounds and write the words.


Sue, blue, true


Read the following sentences and answer yes or no.


Is grass dark blue?


Can Sue stick with glue?



Today we are going to write a weather report. Look at the weather outside. Can you think of words to describe the weather today? Can you write a sentence to describe the weather. Rehearse saying your sentence before writing. Remember to use a capital letter, full stop and spaces between words.  Can you add more sentences to add more detail?



Comparing addition and subtraction statements



Maths worksheet 04.12.2020



We have been finding out why Christians celebrate at Christmas. We listened to and discussed the Christmas Story. Can you retell the story and draw a picture to illustrate part of the story.



Can you form d in cursive handwriting