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Message from Mr Rapson

Tuesday 1st December 2020

Good Morning,


For today's literacy lesson, we are going to be studying a propaganda poster from WW1 before answering questions about what we have learnt. Also, we will be finishing off our writing from yesterday, ensuring we have produced the best paragraph possible .


In Maths, we are looking at perimeter of rectangles - this is lesson 2 and 3 Week 11 on the White Rose Home Learning page. Rather than completing the worksheet they have provided, you will find an adapted version in the Maths section (top sheet) that also contains an additional challenge.


In the afternoon, I would like to carry out some research around a battle that took place during WW1. I would like you to find the location, the countries involved, the dates it took place and other facts that you find interesting.


If you have time, continue to practise your spellings for the week and find time to do some quiet reading.


Enjoy your day,


Mr Rapson