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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Our Governing Board consists of 3 Members and 5 Directors who together, oversee the organisation and running of our Academy.


Mr Richard Thomas is our Chair of Governors; he has been part of the Nansloe family for the last 25 years and was instrumental in steering us successfully into becoming an Academy.


He is supported at the helm by our Vice-Chair, Mr Neill Wood and Reverend Noakes (both Members) and 5 further Governors;


Mrs Anita Charleston, Mr Chris Newby, Mr Andrew Charleston, Mr Brian Michael and our Head, Mr Charles Field.


Our Honorary Patron of the Nansloe Academy Trust is Mr I Milne, who stood down as a Governor in October 2018, following 21 years of dedicated Governor service to our school.


Please see below how our Governors link with our Committees, the curriculum and our classes:


Governor Committee Links:



Finance / Audit Committee

Personnel Committee

Policy, Curriculum & Standards Committee


Buildings & Sites Committee

Mr A Charleston (Chair)

Mr R Thomas

Mr N Wood

Mr C Field


Mr B Michael (Chair)

Mr N Wood 

Rev D Noakes



Personnel Appeals:

Chairman plus any two Governors (other than Staff Governors)

Mrs A Charleston (Chair)

Mr A Charleston



Co-opted member of staff

(with voting powers)

Mrs A Charleston (Chair)

Mr N Wood

Mr C Newby


Mr R McLardy

(Caretaker – non-voting)





Governor Curriculum Links:





Foundation Stage

RE, Humanities & PSHE

Design & Technology


Foreign Languages

Art & Design

PE & Swimming



Health & Safety


Mr Charleston

Mr Wood

Mr Thomas

Rev Noakes & Mrs Charleston

Rev Noakes

Mr Wood

Mr Wood

Rev Noakes

Mrs Charleston

Mr Charleston

Mrs Charleston

Mr Michael

Mrs Charleston & Mr Newby 




Governor Class Links for 2020/2021:




Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6



Mr Michael

Mrs Charleston

Mr Thomas


Mr Wood

Mr Charleston

Rev Noakes

Mr Newby

Mr Wood




Our Governors

Please click on the link below for further Governance information: