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Nansloe Learning Powers

The Nansloe Academy Learning Powers

At Nansloe, we believe children need to understand what makes a good learner, and how we learn best.  We want all the children to achieve their very best in life and that means more than just doing well in each subject, although this is still really important of course.  They also need to develop the skills and attitudes which will help them learn well—during the primary school years, at secondary school, college or university later on, but also right through their lives.


To support their life-long learning, all children are introduced to the Nansloe Learning Powers.


Build Relationships!    Be Ready!     Be Resilient!

Be Resourceful!     Always Reflect!     Take Responsibility!

Good Learners Build Relationships!

Good Learners Are Ready!

Good Learners Are Reslient!

Good Learners Are Resourceful!

Good Learners Always Reflect!

Good Learners Take Responsibility!

Take a look at our Learning Newsletters to find out more about things we have been doing in school to help us develop the Nansloe Learning Powers!