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Consultation - Nansloe Academy Admissions Policy 2021/2022

Dear Parents


Every seven years (or if a proposing a change), the Governing Board of Nansloe Academy (the admission authority for the school) is required to put to consultation a copy of their Admission Policy.


A copy of the Nansloe Academy Admission Policy for 2021/2022 can be found on our policy page:


If you would like to make representation, please do so in writing to the following address:


To the Clerk of the Governing Board

Nansloe Academy

Bulwark Road


TR13 8JF




The consultation period for this policy opens from 8.30am on Tuesday 15th October 2019 and closes at 3.30pm on Monday 25th November 2019.  

Please make representations between this time-frame, with thanks.