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Nursery Team

Nursery Team 1 Mrs Bayliss, Nursery Leader
Nursery Team 2 Mrs Stedman, Teaching Assistant
Nursery Team 3 Mr Burge, Teaching Assistant
Nursery Team 4 Ms Carter, Teaching Assistant

Nansloe Nursery Sessions and Funding


Nursery Sessions


At Nansloe Nursery we offer three options of Pre-School provisions:- 

- Morning Sessions - 9am to 12pm

- Afternoon Sessions - 12pm to 3pm 

- All Day Sessions - 9am to 3pm (Children will need a packed lunch)


Nursery Funding 


Parents may use their 15 hours universal funding for 3-4 year olds, or their 30 hours extended funding (with a valid eligibility code) - all that is required is the completion of an EY2C funding form.


Alternatively parents may pay for their sessions, or do a pick and mix of funding and payment.  Each session is charged at £12 (£24 for the day).


Nursery places are limited to 24 children per session, Please contact the school office to register your interest. If your child already attends Nansloe Nursery and you would like to increase your child's sessions, please speak with the Nursery Team.


Nursery Visits 


If you are looking for a Nursery setting for your child, why not come and have a look and play!  Nursery tours are available for prospective parents and their child(ren); please contact the school office on 01326 572966 or email 

We look forward to seeing you!

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