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Summer Learning Challenge 2020

This year, your Summer Learning Challenge is to Look After Yourself!  Try some of these fun activities which are guaranteed to get the oxytocin, serotonin and    endorphins buzzing round your brain, making you feel good—and you will be Ready to learn when school starts again in September.   Have fun! 





Make a poster, no bigger than A3 size, about the new things you have tried in the challenge.  You could take photos, draw, paint or use the computer to create your poster.  Anything goes, as long as it shows you doing one or more of the challenges.  There will be prizes for the most effort in designing the poster, and a prize for everyone who takes part.  At the end of the holiday, if you want a picture shared on the school website, email one photo             

to .

Use the Nansloe Learning Powers to help you.

Be Ready! Build Relationships!  Be Resilient! Always Reflect!

Take Responsibility! Be Resourceful! 


Good luck, and have a lovely summer holiday Looking After Yourself!