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Team Points and Houses

Nansloe Academy Teams and Team Points

Everyone in our school is in a team.  Children can earn team points for following our school rules.  Every Friday in assembly, the totals for the week are revealed, and at the end of term, the winning team earns a Team Treat and gets to wear their own clothes, preferably in their team colours, to school that day.


Helford             Cober           Kenwyn 







Team Point Total This Week





Team Point Total






House Captains

House Captains  1 Helford
House Captains  2 Helford
House Captains  3 Kenwyn
House Captains  4 Kenwyn
House Captains  5 Cober

Who's in your team?


Helford Cober Kenwyn

Mrs Cooper

Mrs Ludkin

Mrs Goldsmith

Mrs Jeffery

Mrs Hill

Mrs Stedman

Miss Foster

Mrs Charleston

Mrs Minshull

Mrs Trewin




Mrs Jenkin

Miss Farnell

Mrs Wilkinson

Mr Rapson

Mrs Burns

Mrs Bayliss

Miss Richard

Mrs Madge

Mrs Webb 



Mr Perry 

Mrs Carter

Mrs Rosevear

Mr Burge 

Mrs Buckmaster

Mrs Foster

Mrs Thomson

Mrs Swiggs

Mrs Richards

Mr McLardy 





Team Point Treat Winners



Summer Term 2019 - Helford Team

Spring Term 2019 - Kenwyn Team

Autumn Term 2018 - Kenwyn Term 


2017 - 2018

Autumn Term 2017 - Kenwyn Team

Spring Term 2018 - Kenwyn Team

Summer Term 2018 - Kenwyn Team


2016 - 2017

Autumn Term 2016 - Kenwyn Team 

Spring Term 2017 - Helford Team 

Summer Term 2017 - Helford Team


2015 - 2016

Autumn Term 2015 - Cober Team

Spring Term 2016 - Helford Team

Summer Term 2016 - Cober Team