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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Mr Field, Head Teacher
Mrs Webb, Deputy Head Teacher & SENCo
Mrs Swiggs, Assistant Head Teacher


Mrs Richards, Nursery Teacher
Mrs Foster, Reception Class Teacher
Mrs Goldsmith, Year 1 Teacher (Mon-Wed)
Miss Pollard, Year 1 Teacher (Thu-Fri)
Miss Farnell, Literacy Lead & Year 2 Teacher
Miss Gunter, Year 3 Teacher
Mr Perry, Year 4 Teacher
Mr Rapson, PE Leader & Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Cooper, Mathematics Leader & Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Rosevear, Supply Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Stedman, Nursery TA
Mrs Woodhouse, Nursery TA
Miss Richard, Reception TA
Mrs Burns, Reception TA
Mrs Jeffery, Year 1 TA
Miss Foster, Year 1 TA
Miss Stevens, Year 2 TA
Mr Burge, Year 3, IT & School Council Leader
Mrs Madge, Year 3 TA & Autism Champion
Mrs Ludkin, Year 4 TA and MKC School Welfare
Mrs Hill, Year 5 TA
Mrs Wilkinson, Year 5 TA
Mrs Minshull, Year 6 TA
Mrs Buckmaster, TA & Speech and Language

Support Staff

Mrs Thomson, Office Manager
Mrs Charleston, Receptionist

Caretaker and Cleaning Team

Mr McLardy, Caretaker and H&S Manager

Catering Staff

Steph Richards, Catering Manager
Annette Trewin

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