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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Welcome to Year 3 at Nansloe Academy. This page will give you some key information about our class and show you some of the learning that has been taking place. Please check back regularly to see new photos and to find out more about Year 3.

Year 3 Team

Year 3 Team 1 Mrs Swiggs, Class Teacher (Mon-Tues)
Year 3 Team 2 Mrs Jenkin, Class Teacher (Wed-Fri)
                         See what we are learning in Year 3
This term in Year 3, our topic is 'Under the Sea'.  We have lots of exciting plans for this topic and the children have shown lots of interest already.  Have a look at our topic plan to see some of things we will be focusing on this term.

Times Table Tuesday

Every Tuesday we all take part in our weekly times table challenge.  We are given a blank multiplication square and have ten minutes to try and complete as much of the square as possible.  At the end of the ten minutes, we count our score and see if we have improved.  If our score has improved, our photo goes onto our classroom 'Times Table Tuesday' improvement board.  If we can complete our grid in ten minutes, we also get our name added to the 'Times Table Tuesday' leader board.  


If you would like to practise these grids at home to help you improve, you can download an example of each grid below.  There is also a blank grid for children who use the muddled grid, so that you can write your own numbers in each time to keep changing the order.  You could even challenge your parents or siblings to a go as well.


Good luck and keep practising!



You can also practise your times tables in other ways.  One way that we like to practise them in class is using the BBC Super Movers website.  We join in singing and dancing and the helpful rhymes help us to remember tricky number facts.  Have a go by clicking on the link below.

Year 3 Letters

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