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Welcome to Year 6's webpage, here you can find all out exciting class news, pictures of things you've done and more.

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Curriculum Overview - Autumn Term 2019

Curriculum Overview - Spring Term 2020

Letters To Parents

Y6 Letter To Parents

Home Learning Area

This area has been created to support your child's learning from home. Below you will find home learning lessons, activities and useful educational links, to bring the classroom into your home!


Parents will be able to contact Mrs Cooper via email, she will be replying to her emails between 2pm and 3pm Monday to Friday.

Please make sure you include your child's name in the email, so that we can reply as quickly as possible. 


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Morning message from Mrs Cooper!


Friday 10th July 2020


Good morning Year 6!


Yippee!  It's Friday everyone!  I hope you've had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend which for a change is looking sunny.  I think we'll be taking a trip to the beach and hopefully a nice swim in the sea.  


So, next week is our final week - can you believe it!  At school, our focus will be fun, fun, fun and we will be making the most of our final week outside on the field playing games.  We will continue with maths in the mornings so I'll make sure you're topped up with plenty to do should you wish to carry on.


Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sun!


Mrs Cooper laugh

Here are some of the Influential Victorian biographies we are working on at home and school. Great work everyone!

Summer Term 2 Topic - The Victorians - Street Child

This term our new topic is The Victorians and the Industrial Revolution, which was a significant turning point in British history.  We will begin by reading our class book ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty.  The book is set in the second half of the 19th century and tells the story of Jim Jarvis, a real life character whose plight inspired Dr Barnardo to set up his children’s homes.  The story charts Jim’s life as he experiences unbelievable hardship and loss in Victorian London.




WC 6th July


Well everyone, we have two weeks and one day left until the end of term - I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone!  It was great talking to those of you at home last week and thank you for all your hard work over the last few months. 


Having spoken to you, I have been able to gauge the next two week's worth of planning accordingly.  I know some of you are still working on your Victorian projects which is absolutely fine so please continue with that.  Also, there have been requests for additional maths lessons which I will add for this week.  At school, we are continuing this week with our Influential Victorian projects and will present them to the class towards the end of the week with the aim of voting for the individual who made the greatest impact on society - if you do manage to complete any work at home on this then it would be great if you could email it in to me so we can include your projects in the presentation - don't worry if it's not entirely finished - it would just be lovely to have your input.  


I will add some additional maths on calculations if you would like an extra set of lessons this week as well as some links to maths enrichment sites - great for those of you who like a maths challenge! 


Please continue to read Street Child - the reading comprehension tasks will certainly last you another week or two.  Please do not feel you have to complete them all, the purpose of the questions and tasks is to support your engagement with the text and to question your opinions and feelings about the plot and characters.  












Wc 6th July - Street Child reading comprehension. This booklet includes reading activities and writing tasks for the whole book and will take a few weeks to complete. You may work your way through it in your own time over the next few weeks.

Please click on the link below to access the online book.  

Literacy/History - Influential Victorians wc 6th July

Please click on the links below to support you with your research.

Biography examples and features

Historical enquiry

Read through this selection of primary sources to draw your own conclusions about workhouse life. What do you think life was like for workhouse inmates and why?

Please click on the White Rose link below to access the online tutorials.

Please click on the links in this document to access the tutorials.

More maths! Open the Power Points fully in slide show mode to access the problems then click to reveal the answers.

Decimal Place Value Grid

Additional Maths - Problem of the Day 2019

Spelling - Keep practising these key words!

Keep Reading at Home!

100 Book Challenge


At Nansloe we love reading!


We are challenging all children at Nansloe, to see if they can read 100 books before leaving Nansloe.

This challenge is for children to read the books themselves, not have them read to them. After finishing reading the book, children will need to tick the book off and write the date they completed it. Please also record your read in your reading record.


Good Luck, Happy Read!

Home Learning Letter

Home Learning Challenges - How many can you complete?

Please use the Website Links below. This is full of online resources, activities and games to support Home Learning.

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